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About te.kto

T E . K T O is a fashion brand founded in Moscow in 2019, regularly studying the creative possibilities of visual communication in a dynamic urban environment. For us, the idea of reasonable consumption is important and we are not trying to achieve a constant turnover of collections, offering you a fashionable thing this season. T E . K T O - the most fashionable thing in any season. All collections are designed taking into account the lifestyle and needs of the modern user. The open nature of processes and relationships, the pursuit of meaningfulness and environmental friendliness are our main keys.


We respect ourselves and respect you, we know that the brand should give you bright emotions, and therefore we avoid use of common patterns in communication and reserve the right to be extraordinary. We care about your reaction when you first see our bags. We want to surprise you. To surprise from the shape, to quality, convenience and

packaging. We want to become the final POINT of your style's.

Logo T E . K T O - point in the center of the circle symbolizes the person in the center attentions. The sun, the epicenter of events, strong boundaries, completeness, self-sufficiency, integrity.

The brand is positioned as a product of intellectual progressive fashion for the modern-minded audience.

Style Style T E . K T O is formed by inspiration of Asian fashion, deconstructionism in architecture, modern art, the latest scientific technologies. The shape of the products is recognizable and has strict geometric loom. Special shape of handles in the form of hard plates with a slot typical for all products. In the construction of models used squares, circles, triangles. T E . K T O is always the highest quality and trendy materials.

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